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As an copywriter by trade (that’s a person who writes advertising and promotional material, in case you didn’t know), humorous relationship advice book author and experienced online dater, I’ve seen a lot of lousy online dating profiles.

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” “Hey Rob, what if she notices me coming towards her and her friends notice me coming towards her, what should I do?” The questions I posted above were a few questions that came up during the current Dating Mastery Class that I’m coaching for the next 8 weeks.Derek Cajun and I share some of our approaches to anxiety in this video.Dealing with approach anxiety isn’t just for newbies – it’s also for more experienced guys who might not be pushing their skills as far as they could. It’s the feeling our bodies give us when we take risks.While they seem like viable and productive questions for me to address, I will tell you one thing, it is all complete bullshit, I always hear these questions or some form of it in the beginning of our live classes but while I may address it with some practical and tactical advice, 9 times out of 10 its usually the guys reactive anxiety kicking in way before we even go out in field.

That being said though, I have a few friends who introverts as well, and though my game has gotten worlds better, I can't get them over their massive approach anxiety, what worked for me hasn't worked for them.

biggest hurdle in greatly improving my skills with women. I read everything I could, I talked to everyone I could possibly talk to, and did whatever was necessary to try to address the crippling anxiety I had.

Now, it’s not something I really think about anymore.

If you did that, have made an active effort to stop with your self limiting beliefs about approaching women that you’re attracted to, and have incorporated some of the new “hard truths” that I talked about in Part 1 of this series to your new mindset then please feel free to read on.

To recap, In a nutshell, a lot of that anxiety you feel when it comes to approaching a girl you like or are attracted to is a natural feeling and something you should’t beat yourself up over.